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The Starting Point of Modern Gardening

As ATA FİDANCILIK, we offer solutions to the fruit sector with fruit nursery, fruit growing and turnkey garden installation services with the slogan
‘Experience of yesterday, today’s power, security of tomorrow’.

Our company, which was established in 1977, has adopted the principle of pursuing innovations since the day it was founded, and following the developments in the world and in our country, to guide our valuable producers. In this road that we set out with the production of fruit saplings, we added the turnkey garden installation service to our activities within a short time thanks to our innovative and quality-free vision. In addition to our fruit sapling production and turnkey garden installation services, we are taking firm steps forward in the fruit growing sector thanks to the quality products we produce in our own modern closed orchards and increasing capacity.

We represent our country successfully in the field of modern fruit growing in the world with our healthy, high quality, high yielding seedlings and turnkey gardens we have established in various countries, and we are proud of the added value we provide to our country as a result.

As ATA FİDANCILIK, we know our business very well at the point we have reached thanks to the years of experience.

Today, we secure your future by making a difference with the power that it provides us.

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